Pre-marital counseling

As you move toward this significant relationship change you can learn foundational tools for a fulfilling partnership.  During this process you will have help navigating conversations that have been historically difficult and also conversations you had not thought to have.  We will identify areas of strength on which to build and areas of growth that may require more sensitivity.  For more information, go to the dedicated pre-marital counseling tab in the menu.


Once you've both decided to commit to a long term partnership you might decide to mark it with a celebration of some sort: a wedding, a commitment ceremony, an elopement, a post on social media.  Deciding what you want can be challenged by the myriad voices of loved ones and societal mores.  Couples unwittingly find themselves feeling torn between pleasing themselves and disappointing people they love.  We will work to sort through the compromises making sure the focus continues to be on what the two of you want most, to begin your life together in the most healthy way possible.

Preparing for exciting changes in your family

As relationships grow, exciting milestones and changes arrive.  Perhaps you've decided to move in together, buy a home, get a puppy, have a baby, or all of those things at the same time.  It can be helpful to have a guide to address the difficult decisions, illuminate some issues that could come up, and manage the inevitable stresses involved.  Being as prepared as possible and also having a strategy to deal with the impossible to prepare for moments can set you up for success.

left-brained/right-brained couples

We've all heard the adage...opposites attract but living that adage can be a challenge without a sturdy bridge connecting those opposites.  One of the most common couplings I've seen is the left-brained/right-brained couple.  It can feel like you're at odds because you are not "of the same mind" but truthfully, once you learn to overcome the challenges, your differences can be your greatest strength.