Pre-marital counseling

As you move toward this significant relationship change you can learn foundational tools for a fulfilling partnership.  During this process you will have help navigating conversations that have been historically difficult and also conversations you had not thought to have.  We will identify areas of strength on which to build and areas of growth that may require more sensitivity.

12 sessions

I offer a structured 12 week course of counseling covering the major areas of a life partnerships and allow for time for some minor ones as well.  This is an opportunity to learn more about yourself and your chosen life partner in a safe environment.  We will use your strengths, open communication, and humor to build a solid foundation for you to move into this most exciting next phase of life.

short format

If you're on a tighter time frame we can discuss an accelerated or abbreviated course to fit your needs.  


Many couples who go through the course of pre-marital counseling will return when they face a big life change or run into snags along the way.  It can be invaluable to return to a resource who already knows your strengths and personal styles to make efficient work of getting back on track.